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Goals for being 17

Here are a few things I'd like to do as a 17 year old:

1.) Read one wikipedia article a night - I got A's in cultures the past three years because of this site, so shut up.  I like it because of the button you can click which will give you a random article.  I figure it'll be good to learn some random facts.
2.) Dedicate at least one hour to homework each night - Let's face it, I've got a procrastination problem, and I really would like a GPA of 4.0, as it's currently 3.9.
3.) Do chores on time - I wait around to the last minute to do chores, such as the laundry, etc.
4.) Spend less time doing absolutely nothing on the Internet - An age old problem...
5.) Read - Maybe one book a week is unrealistic, but that doesn't mean that I can't try to read up in my free time!
6.) Don't simple pace around listening to music - A guilty pleasure of mine.  I don't think it contributes much to my well being, though.
7.) Eat three healthy meals a day - self explanatory.
8.) Get out and do <i>some</i> exercising - again, self explanatory.

Well, let's see how many of these things I actually accomplish.
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