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11/24/10 12:36 am

Esther got me a referral number for free therapy in the city.  Now I have to muster the courage to call it. 

11/12/10 12:39 pm - This is an I-haven't-updated-in-forever-but-now-intend-to-but-probably-still-won't update

Gee whiz!  it's been forever since I've updated my good, old livejournal, so even though I probably will never use it again, I am going to update claiming that I will!  I'm going to start using this LJ, as it was apparently important enough to me in the past to write in it about 5 times over the course of two years.  What's different in my life since then?  Fucking everything. 


4/23/09 09:07 pm - Mah goals. Theme: Mo neys

1.Figure out college finaid stuff -- Woo!  Going to NYU!  It's financially attainable, and I don't care how much GW gave me :D
2. Only take out 10% of each paycheck for spending money
3. Get housing set for NYU and find out more about transferring to the Hackettstown Weis

12/28/07 10:55 pm - Some people really need banana pancakes.

Who the goes grocery shopping two days after Christmas?  I'm not talking about just picking up a few things; I mean the people who came into my aisle pushing carts that were filled well past the limitations of what they could carry.  Sure, maybe not everyone celebrates Christmas, but if I'm Jewish and can find time to relax on the days following a holiday I don't celebrate, then so can everyone else.  I came to work, prepared to do absolutely nothing for money, and I see people rushing around the store, fumbling with coupons and whatnot.  Seriously? 

People don't enjoy themselves enough.  You'd be surprised how much work you can cram into half an hour when you take the whole day to relax.  I've learned to get my schoolwork done as fast as I can just to have some chill time.  And if it's not my best, then so what?  I don't feel like being stressed out my entire life.  It's too short for that.  Enjoy your life as much as possible, in case death sucks. 

11/14/07 08:25 pm - Goals for being 17

Here are a few things I'd like to do as a 17 year old:

1.) Read one wikipedia article a night - I got A's in cultures the past three years because of this site, so shut up.  I like it because of the button you can click which will give you a random article.  I figure it'll be good to learn some random facts.
2.) Dedicate at least one hour to homework each night - Let's face it, I've got a procrastination problem, and I really would like a GPA of 4.0, as it's currently 3.9.
3.) Do chores on time - I wait around to the last minute to do chores, such as the laundry, etc.
4.) Spend less time doing absolutely nothing on the Internet - An age old problem...
5.) Read - Maybe one book a week is unrealistic, but that doesn't mean that I can't try to read up in my free time!
6.) Don't simple pace around listening to music - A guilty pleasure of mine.  I don't think it contributes much to my well being, though.
7.) Eat three healthy meals a day - self explanatory.
8.) Get out and do <i>some</i> exercising - again, self explanatory.

Well, let's see how many of these things I actually accomplish.

9/15/07 12:33 pm - For the week of September 16th

    So the whole "one book a week" thing didn't exactly work out.  It's not really a big deal because I still did read more in the past two weeks than I've done in a long time.  I have to keep in mind that it's the schoolyear, and I've got a lot of work to do, so reading 870 pages in a week might not work to my advantage. 
    Anyway, I did manage to finish Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.  This was definitely my favorite of the series so far.  Sure, there's a lot of dialogue, and there is one chapter that could have been cut out of the book without throwing the plot off, but that's beside the point.  What makes this book different from the first four is that by the time you're done reading it, you actually feel as though you've just spent an entire year at Hogwarts.  Yes, that means it's lengthy and detailed, but it doesn't automatically make it uninteresting.  I appreciate the book's subtlety in plot and character developments because it all really fills out in the end.  Neville, Ginny, and Luna really evolve throughout the book, and to me, it's a relief to see someone other than Harry, Ron, and Hermione playing hero.  So overall, it's my favorite, and as people can get crazy about being told endings and all that, I tried to be vague in my description of why I liked the book. 

So without further ado, here's the next book I'm reading:

Title: Trainspotting
Author: Irvine Welsh
Copyright: 1996
Number of pages: 344
Why I'm reading it: It's about Scottish people on heroin.  Need I say more?

9/4/07 04:28 pm

My cultures teacher showed this video to us today.  I thought it was pretty neat, although my teacher kept insisting that it's boring. 

9/3/07 10:54 pm - For the week of September 2nd

Title:  Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Author:  J.K. Rowling
Copyright:  2003
Number of pages:  870
Why I'm reading it:  I read the first four in the series, and all of them were real page turners.  So far, this one is, too.  I've already seen the movie, so I don't believe I'll be too surprised by this book, although the movies do differ quite a bit from the books. 
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